Monthly Archive: December 2018

Pro Trick For Applying False Lashes


This is why waiting a little Wait until it dries out a lot and then attach it. You will not see it sliding around, and instead, it will quickly stick. Most Important Pro Tip The go-to trick for false lashes is to use a lash applicator. Trying to do without it makes the process much harder than it should be. This is the reason why the lash applicator is available to make everything simpler. Use it, as well as tweezer, to be able to get the edges lower. On the other hand, the tweezers are great for gently cleaning any lashes stuck under the band before sticking it down to your lash line. Practice Makes Perfect You just need to accept that learning how to apply your false eyelashes will take a lot of time and practice, so do not get frustrated when you still haven’t got the hang of it after a while. You will need to try it out a few times and find your own tricks based on your own lashes and falsies. After a while, you will find out that you are struggling less and more able to attach your falsies faster. Soon enough, you will become a professional in applying your favorite lashes.