Pro Trick For Applying False Lashes

Even after a few applications, it is completely natural to struggle with applying false eyelashes. It will, in reality, take you many more tries before you finally get the hang of it. As you struggle with all that glue in your hands, it just seems wrong how easy it looks on those makeup tutorials.

Tips To Applying False Lashes Like A Pro

  1. Start Small

Until you are confident enough, it is a good idea to start out with a thin band. This makes applying false lashes a lot easier. They are much more flexible when it comes to application plus they feel lighter and more comfortable on the eyelashes.

A thicker band, because it has more lashes, is simply not as flexible and thus, is more difficult to apply. As your skills improve, you can choose thicker bands until you become a pro.

  1. Trim Your False Lashes

One of the most important steps to take when buying false eyelashes is to determine what your eye shape is and what lashes fit this shape. Falsies normally have one shape and size and you will need to trim it in order to make them the right shape. Not trimming them will also make it difficult to attach.

Do not trim completely in the beginning, doing it slowly and a little bit at one time. This way, you can always trim a bit more but if you cut too much, you cannot put it back together. After every cut, you try it on your eyes to check if you got a perfect fit.

  1. Look Down

When applying your false eyelashes, you need a mirror to make it easy for you. Put it in a position where you can look down at it. This is the perfect position for you to see the base of the eyelashes. Thus, it makes it much simpler to placing the falsies on the lash line. Many pros swear that this is the best way to glue the false lashes because your eyelids and eyelashes are flat and will not get in the way.

  1. Work With Smaller Sections

If the mirror trick does not work out, there are other ways to make applying your falsies easier. One other way is to cut them into 3 pieces and then attach them to your eyelashes. This makes the application much simpler as you can control a smaller piece better and you can be precise when it comes to putting them close to the lash line because the rest of the lash is not getting in the way.

  1. Wait Until The Glue Is Tacky

This is an important tip that you should always follow. If you put the glue on the falsies and attempt to apply it immediately, it will be moving all over and you will just have a mess of glue on the eyelid. This is why waiting a little bit after applying the glue is the best way to avoid this. Wait until it dries out a lot and then attach it. You will not see it sliding around, and instead, it will quickly stick.

Most Important Pro Tip

The go-to trick for false lashes is to use a lash applicator. Trying to do without it makes the process much harder than it should be. This is the reason why the lash applicator is available to make everything simpler. Use it, as well as tweezer, to be able to get the edges lower. On the other hand, the tweezers are great for gently cleaning any lashes stuck under the band before sticking it down to your lash line.

Practice Makes Perfect

You just need to accept that learning how to apply your false eyelashes will take a lot of time and practice, so do not get frustrated when you still haven’t got the hang of it after a while. You will need to try it out a few times and find your own tricks based on your own lashes and falsies.

After a while, you will find out that you are struggling less and more able to attach your falsies faster. Soon enough, you will become a professional in applying your favorite lashes.